Wood Chips

Prosopis Glandulosa Wood Chips

We do have all the capacity and documentation needed and we are working on a big scale operation.

As a supplier of biomass Prosopis Glandulosa wood chips to be used as biomass fuel, the following is presented:


We do have 2 complete crews and equipment composed of 2 Chippers, 4 Excavators, 2 Forwarders, 4 Harvest Wagons, 2 Field Ag Tractors, and 2 Field Trucks with experienced staff in the field of 5 to 6 men.

Also 2 full time experienced mechanics to handle repairs and maintenance on all harvesting equipment.


We have 100 tractor trailers capable of hauling the harvested product. To deliver 20,000 tons per month is approximately 1,000 tons per day which would require about 40 trailer loads per day. Each tractor trailer can make a minimum of two to four trips a day. That would require 10 to 20 trucks per day.


Net caloric value tested at dry basis is 18.36 GJ/ton and at 25% moisture content tested at >13.0 GJ/ton. Testing of biomass chips has shown the ash content to be 1.5 – 2.5. Other data and test results can be provided. The product is an invasive plant.

Chipped wood
Energy value
13.0 GJ/ton