Sustainability and Preservation

USDA & EU Approval

We have made the phytosanitary inspections

and certification that have been conducted

from US Department of Agriculture.

It is approved and have met all requirements for shipment

from the State of Texas to the EU and processed through customs. Approval have been made in EU.


Product will be harvested, chips put directly into trailers and then transported directly to the designated delivery location. Biomass chips will then be loaded onto vessels using conveyer belt system and delivered to port of destination as directed.

Finished product will be stored at the specified stevedore delivery and storage area at the docks waiting shipment.


We do all shipments FCA at a location in Texas as directed by buyer.


  • We confirm that all product supplied will comply with the CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species) requirements as prescribed under international law.
  • Morse Inc. botanists are also available for consultation as required.


  • A US Federal Phytosanitary Certificate will be provided for all product dispatched to customer during the life of the contract.
  • A Certificate of Origin will be provided for all product dispatched to customer during the life of the contract .


  • We can confirm that harvesting techniques will comply with and utilize best practice environmental harvesting guidelines as prescribed.


  • US Department of Fish & Wildlife affirm that crop rotation for the product in our designated zone is at a 10 year rotation cycle.